Gasteiner Heilstollen

Living pain-free - without medication - with the power of the Hohe Tauern!!!

The healing power of the Gasteiner Heilstollen is a natural wonder and unique in the world.

The healing climate in the mountain - a combination of high humidity, heat and radon - has been scientifically researched and proven. A long-lasting pain relief, a drug savings of up to one year and an immune stabilization are the effects of radon therapy in the Gastein healing tunnel.

The Heilstollen train takes you about 2.5 km into the mountain. The heat and the high humidity causes the body to overheat to 38 degrees Celsius, which increases radon absorption. The natural radon stimulates the metabolism of the cells by its short-term radiation stimulus. The different temperatures and humidity levels in the individual therapy stations allow an individual adaptation of the treatment to the respective clinical picture and the heat compatibility of the patients.

The Gastein healing cave helps with rheumatic-inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract and the skin. From a medical point of view, a treatment period of 2-4 weeks is recommended. Per week there are 3-4 Heilstollen entries recommended.

Our house is only a 5-minute drive from the Heilstollen away and is therefore ideal for your cure. Please ask, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

Gasteiner Thermen

Felsentherme, Alpentherme, Solarbad ... 3 x spa in Gastein

The 3 Spa possibilities offer an unique opportunity to relax and enjoy a nice break from the hectic lifestyle. It is an oasis of peace and offers many possibilities for relaxing and regenerating. There are thermal indoor and outdoor pools, activity pool with water gymnastics, hot mineral spring basins, bubble-jet recliners, massage nozzles, sun meadow, lap pool, infrared cabin, geysers, ….. just take a deep breath and dive in. The themed areas offer relaxation, regeneration, wellness, beauty and bathing fun for the whole family. Experience the power of the water from the Gastein springs and avail yourself of the various areas of activity.

Gasteiner Thermen



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